Learning to Become Wealthy

By | July 16, 2016

Wealth means different things to different people.

To most, it’’s having a lot of money.

For some, it’’s owning income producing assets that reduce or eliminate the need to have a job.

Some think wealth is having fancy cars, living in mansions, taking expensive vacations to exotic destinations, and owning a second home.

We would like to suggest that wealth is having abundance in your life. Financial abundance.  Abundance in your spiritual life.  Abundance in your relationships.  Abundance of good health.

And abundance provides freedom – freedom from a boring job, freedom from living paycheck to paycheck, freedom from unproductive or abusive relationships.

We’’ve created this site to provide information and tools that can help you achieve abundance and freedom.

Many other sites will try to sell you a “magic formula”, some software that will create instant wealth, or an ebook with one supposedly mystical method of creating wealth.

We recognize that those over-hyped sites are preying on consumers who are simply wanting to improve the quality of their lives, and that there is no magic, push-button, instant formula for creating wealth.

Wealth creation requires three things: knowledge, skills, and work.  There’s no way around that.  If you’re looking for the next magic formula then keep looking. You won’t find it here.

But if you understand that creating wealth will require some work and will require you to learn new things (assuming you’re not already a millionaire) then this site should be able to help you.

Wealth Learnings is dedicated to the idea that building wealth requires knowledge and a set of skills, and you can acquire that knowledge and learn those skills.

After years of research and review of hundreds of books, articles, and websites that pretend to provide useful information, we’’ve collected a few items together to share with those who are searching for real, honest information like we were.  With a focus on the Law of Attraction we provide information and tools for building wealth from a number of different sources.

We won’’t suggest that this list provides every piece of useful information about wealth or the Law of Attraction.  And our search for sound information continues, so we will add other sources that provide value as we find them.

We each learn about wealth and money as we’’re growing up.  It’s a surprise to many that the things we learned while we were growing up can be the biggest obstacle to achieving the level of success we’re striving toward.

This collection of inspirational and profound sources of information and products will help anyone, no matter where they are in their journey toward wealth.

You’ll find a lot of information here about the Law of Attraction, but you’ll also find that there’s more to it than just what was presented in the movie <i>The Secret</i>.

The movie introduced people around the world to the concepts of the Law of Attraction, but for many it left a number of questions.

The information and tools on this site will help to answer those questions and fill in the blanks for you about wealth and the achievement of wealth.  We provide you the knowledge which can be used to achieve the wealth you are striving for or dreaming about.